Since 2010, the Virginia General Assembly has proposed over 75 restrictions on your reproductive health care.

Those restrictions include:

  • So-called “personhood” legislation that declares life begins at conception and fertilized eggs have all the same rights and privileges as people. [HB1440, 2011; HB1, 2012; HB1, 2013; HJ29, 2016; H419, 2016]
  • Requiring ultrasound prior to an abortion [HB462, 2012; SB484, 2012]
  • Banning abortions after 20 weeks. [HB1285, 2012; HB1285, 2013; HB2321, 2015; HB963, 2016]
  • Imposing criminal penalties on doctors who know a woman’s intention to end a pregnancy is on the basis of sex. [HB1316, 2013; HB98, 2014]
  • Defunding Planned Parenthood [HB1500, 2011; HB30, 2012; HB531, 2014; HB1090, 2016]

Stand Up For Abortion Access

Women who have decided to access an abortion should feel safe and supported, not face shame and barriers.