AbortionRestrictions.org is a joint campaign of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation, the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health’s Virginia Latina Advocacy Network (VA LAN), and Progress Virginia Education Fund. We’re educating Virginians about the many restrictions on abortion access created by our state lawmakers – and about the impact these barriers have on a woman who has decided to have an abortion. Our organizations are bringing people together to stand up for all Virginians’ ability to access abortion if they choose, without barriers, pressure, and shaming from politicians. For more information or to get involved, please contact Progress Virginia at LaTwyla@progressva.org.


NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation educates Virginians, policymakers, and the media about the status of reproductive rights and health care access in the state and empowers activists to make their voices heard. We work to ensure all Virginians have the services and support they need to make the reproductive decisions that are best for themselves and their families – including preventing unintended pregnancy, having healthy pregnancies and births, and accessing abortion if they choose.

The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) mission is to build Latina power to guarantee the fundamental human right to reproductive health, dignity, and justice. We elevate Latina leaders, mobilize our families and communities, transform the cultural narrative, and catalyze policy change. NLIRH’s vision is to create a society in which Latinas have the economic means, social capital, and political power to make and exercise decisions about their health, family, and future. The Virginia Latina Advocacy Network (VA LAN) operates as an extension of NLIRH, serving as the voice and advocacy presence in Virginia. The VA LAN works with activists from throughout Virginia to organize our communities around issue-based campaigns that impact our families and our lives. The VA LAN currently centralizes its work in Northern Virginia, working at the intersection of reproductive justice, immigrant rights and economic justice.

Progress Virginia Education Fund is a multi-issue progressive advocacy and communications shop. Year round, Progress Virginia engages citizens from across the commonwealth around issues of immediate state or local concern. We provide a strong, credible voice in advancing progressive solutions to critical community problems. But we don’t do that on our own – we work as a communications teams for the entire progressive community. We’re a marketing shop for progressive ideas – a campaign that never stops.

Stand Up For Abortion Access

Women who have decided to access an abortion should feel safe and supported, not face shame and barriers.